Kit Kat (SOCIAL/PREROLL) Role:Stop Motion Director/Stop Motion Animator

I Co-Directed this animated series of tasty spots with my good and talented friend Aaron Ray. I was the stopmotion director and Aaron directed the Cel Animation.

GLAD Press N' Seal :06 (SOCIAL) Role:Director/Animator

I directed a series of short stopmotion spots for Glad Press N' Seal.


I directed a countdown to Christmas for The Salvation Army. The spots were for TV and also live in Time Square!

BEN & JERRY'S :30 (TV) Role:Director/Animator/Editor

Super rad stop motion spot I directed for Mekanism in SF. Crazy fun to create!

GOOGLE AD-SENSE :30: (PROMO) Role: Animation Director/Animator

I was the animation director for this fun GOOGLE AD-SENSE spot in San Francisco!

ZOOSK 30: (TV) Role: Director

Fun animated TV spot I directed for ZOOSK through Aatma Studios in San Francisco. Can you tell which character is me?

GE (PROMO) Role: Director/Animator/B-camera

I Co-Directed a series of spots for GE in Hamburg Germany on the largest miniture train set in the world!

DKNY 60: (PROMO) Role: Director/Animator/Editor

Sweet little spot for DKNY "Candy Apples"!

NORDSTROM'S RACK: (PROMO) Role:Director/Animator

I created a series of fun holiday stop motion animations for Nordstrom's.

ADWEEK 60: (PROMO) Role: Director/DP/Editor

Promo I directed for AdWeeks 10 year anniversary.

PRESS: AgencySpy

GAP 60: (TV) Role: Director/Animator

Fun spot I directed for Gap's "Recycle Your Blues" denim recycling program.

PRESS: Creativity

IDN MAGAZINE: (PROMO) Role: Director/Animator/Editor

I was asked to create a promo for IDN magazines 100th issue so I ate a bunch of mushrooms and went to the redwoods with some friends.

PRESS: IDN Magazine

AT&T 60: (PROMO) Role: Director/Animator/Editor

My good friend Adam Avilla and I animated this stop motion animation for an AT&T app called "Music ID". Then entire spot was shot in my bedroom!

PRESS: Motionographer IDN magazine

YOU TUBE: Role: Director

A series of experimental shots from a YouTube project that never made the cut.

PEPSI: (PROMO) Role: Director/Animator/DP

Crazy flavor mashup promo for Pepsi WTF!

SOBE: (PROMO) Role: Director/Animator

I directed 7 webisodes for SOBE. Featuring Lee and Donny!

AMP: (PROMO) Role: Director/Animator

Fun animated promo for AMP.

Eadweard Muybridge Tribute: (FILM) Role: Director/Editor

A tribute to Eadweard Muybridge The entire video was made with a still camera.


PONY: (PROMO) Role: Director/Animator/Editor

My good friends and I made this crazy little stop motion promo for PONY. We were paid in a shoes which was nice!

Black Year: (MUSIC VIDEO) Role: Director/Editor

I directed the Draw It Out" music video for the San Diego band Black Year. The entire video was made with a still camera.

PRESS: Winner Independent Music Video Festival