Pitch Videos {Role: Director/DP/Editor}

Pitch videos are a part of every directors job. More often then not the footage is never seen beyond "the pitch". Here are some clips from a pitch that was unfortunately never awarded...

PRESS: Huffington Post Gizmodo Design You Trust Egotist Adweek Vimeo Staff Picks

Method "Make Messy Awesome" :30 {Role: Creative/Director/Editor}

Fun spot I directed for Method. This spot inspired the "CLEAN HAPPY" campaign

PRESS: "Huffington Post" "Creativity"

GAP "Pantsformation" :60 {Role: Director/Lead Animator}

Spot I Directed for the Gap Denim Recycling Program.

PRESS: Creativity

Pepsi Superbowl Halftime :30 {Role: Director/Editor}

I Co-Directd this Pepsi Superbowl spot at Mekanism. The spot was made of user submitted photographs.

Oscar Mayer "Betterway" :60 {Role: Director/Editor}

Fun TV Spot for Oscar Mayer called "Betterway". We got to shoot with the iconic wiener all over the country!

Samsung Coast To Coast. {Role: Director/Editor}

I Directed a series of documentary films while driving across America in an AirStream! They were made to promote the Samsung Sh-100 camera.

Dove for Men "Stories of Care" :60's {Role: Director/Editor/Animator}

I Directed a series of documentary films, for Dove men. I worked with writer Andre Ricciardi, and Director of Photography Ethan Indorf.

Diesel "FREE-DUMB" {Role: Creative/Director/Editor}

A promo I directed for Diesel sunglasses.

Advertising Week X :60 {Role: Creative/Director/DP/Editor}

A promo I directed to promote Advertising Week's ten year anniversary.

PRESS: AgencySpy

GE Datalandia Trailer

I Co-Directd the GE Datalandia Trailer with Tommy Means at Mekanism. We shot the spots in Hamburg Germany at the largest miniature train set in the world.

Lab Tests

A Series of Highly Important Tests

Geographer Lovers Game Music Video

I Co-Directd the Geographer Lovers Game Music Video with Ethan Indorf. DP: Ryan Baker, and Ethan Indorf.

thisisforreels title animation

Stop motion title for thisisforreels.com.

IdN 100th Issue

Short film I directed for IdN magazines 100th Issue. Music by Side on Sound, and Chris Lashelle

Stop Motion Spaghetti

Stop motion animation Adam Avilla And I Directed For An AT&T Music Reccognition Application. check out the making of on our mirco site This is for reels.

Always Testing.

Various motion tests conducted ion my bedroom and beyond.


DKNY candy apples

Stop motion animation I Directed for DKNY through Mekanism.

Motorcycle Mayhem

Stop motion madness on a rainy night at 661 Natoma. This video was just picked up by PONY shoes! We got a ton of free gear. Music by Rajbot

Modest Mouse "Little Motel"

I Art Directed the "Little Motel" music video for Modest Mouse w/ director Justin Francis

Black Year "Draw it Out"

I Directed the "Draw it Outl" music video for the band Black Year. It was done using a still camera, 20,000 pictures, and way to much time spent in Reno! The Video was awarded and screened worldwide at the Independent Music Video Festival

Sobe Life Water

I was the Director on an episodic stop motion series for Sobe Life Water. I was stuck in a dark basement at Mekanism with My friend Adam Avillafor five months playing with lizards. To see some of the Pre-production Art

Candy Hearts

Animation I did for Tokbox.

Voltron Tower

My friend David Elliott and I locked ourselves indoors for 16 days during the summer to make movies, and compile a DVD Magazine called "Voltron Tower". Here are two of my pieces.

PG&E "Fun Things to do in the Dark."

Short animation I did for PG&E's Lights out campaign.